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Rutland C34449 NPT Yellow Color Booster Mixing System

SKU RU-C34449-G

Color Booster Mixing System

Rutland's C3 Color Booster Mixing system consists of curable concentrates designed to work with Rutland Bases to create Pantone color matches. The various bases allow printers to choose the appropriate finish, effect or amount of dye resistance needed to adhere to the most popular fabrics, in thousands of Pantone certified color formulations available on the IMS 3.0 software. 

IMS 3.0 is a cloud-based solution for managing color and inventory in the textile screen-printing market. Offering tools for color creation and standardizing, IMS manages daily maneuvers in a highly functional ink room by providing color management and communication agility. 

The C3 finished ink mixing system is a very flexible solution used to create many color possibilities with extremely deep, intense colors. Colors are easy to print and mix, producing highly accurate and consistent hues. They are designed to be used with Rutland mixing bases, which are offered in a variety of different chemistries, and are designed to prevail over particularly difficult substrates.


Mix thousands of colors by using Claira™ C3 Non-Phthalate Color Boosters in any of the Claira™ NonPhthalate Specialty bases per the formulations found in the M2007 Ink Mixing software. Simply mix the
C3’s with the appropriate nonphthalate base (see Bases on next page). Printing on White Garments: Mix
per formulation or custom blend to achieve brilliant colors on 100% cotton whites. For extremely soft-hand
prints, mix finished color (C3 plus base) with up to 1:1 with Claira NPT Chino Base Printing on Dark
Garments or over an underlay: When printing on dark garments, mix per formulation or custom blend to
achieve brilliant colors over an underlay . Use the NPT Low Bleed White on poly/cotton blends and the
NPT Barrier base when printing on 100% polyester Puff designs: Mix 10-15% of Claira NPT Puff
Additive to any formulated Claira™ Color (C3 plus base) to create a puff ink.


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