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Rutland EH8014 LX Black



EH8014 is a non-phthalate printing black that is designed to provide good printability at low cost.Prints with a matte finishCompetitively priced.


  • EH NPT HO RFU is formulated as a press-ready plastisol for printing on 100% Cotton or over a low bleed underlay when printing on poly/cotton blends.
  • Short body and very low wet tack for easy printing with no build-up.
  • Ready for use, just stir and print.
  • Great for hand presses or automatic printing machines.
  • Easy to use, maintains print viscosity without thinning during print run.
  • Formulated to be opaque for direct printing on lights or darks.
  • Competitive with lower opacity products currently sold in the print market

Technical Data Sheet