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MHM Single Print Automatic

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The MHM Single print is the best solution when it comes to small quantities with high quality. The Single Print is not only at home in the textile sector, but also plays its advantages in all graphic applications such as for single color graphic printing jobs or special coating on sheets or similar materials. Installed either on the wall or also available on wheels for more flexibility. The MHM proofed print head system allows printing an super-accurate surface also on transfer sheets.

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  • Powerful AC electric drive print heads 
  • MHM „pin-lock“ screen holding system
  • Control keypad on every print station
  • Adjustable screen holders for various frame sizes
  • Individual ‚chopper‘ squeegee system 
  • Individual off-contact adjustment
  • Quick-release squeegees & flood bar
  • Full micro-registration with zero starting position
  • Squeegee arm lift for increased visibility
  • Aluminum honeycomb pallets 
  • Independent flood/print speed controls 
  • U-clamp screen holders with pneumatic lock optional Tool-free front/rear stroke length adjustment
  • Independent squeegee/floodbar angle adjustment 
  • Squeegee pressure regulator on every station