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Madeira Polyneon 1983 Embroidery Thread 5500 Yards

SKU MD-1983P-5500Y

Polyneon’s unique formula makes this thread extremely durable and smooth running

SPSI proudly carries Madeira Polyneon 100% polyester thread, used by the best shops in the nation!

Polyneon is constructed of a specially developed raw material which eliminates looping, puckering and virtually all thread breaks. Suitable for almost any application, Polyneon ’s unique formula makes this thread extremely durable and smooth running. Vibrant colors are glossy, as well as resistant to chlorine bleach, making Polyneon the ideal thread for embroidering on uniforms, safety garments and commercial linens.

Polyester threads are preferred for embroidery, especially when a high colour-fastness that can withstand chlorine is required. These durable threads have outstanding mechanical and chemical resistance. A good quality thread will also run smoothly at high speeds on various embroidery machines without looping.

In this section you will learn when polyester threads are the right choice for your project and more about Polyneon, Madeira's 100% polyester filament thread, which is listed in all major digitising programs and available worldwide.

In the textile industry, polyester is a popular man-made fibre and is commonly used for producing threads, as well as fabrics. It is chosen for being resistant to sun light, abrasion and many other chemicals, as well as being strong, easy to wash and dry, and economical. 

Polyester threads are particularly suitable for colourful fabrics, outdoor items, sportswear, swimwear, children's wear, workwear and any other items that must be frequently cleaned or exposed to movements, staining risks, damp environments or extreme weather conditions. 

The Polyneon range contains polyester filament machine embroidery threads made from single long fibres that offer a superior shine, smoothness, strength and high tenacity.

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