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International Coatings 155 Crystalina Shimmer

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SKU IC-155-Q


155 Crystalina Shimmer is a translucent, iridescent glitter flake in a very clear base.

155 Crystalina Shimmer is a press ready plastisol ink used for creating special sparkling effects on garments.

155 Crystalina Shimmer is bleed resistant and can be used on some synthetic fabrics or blends.


155 Crystalina Shimmer can be printed onto a garment as is, or printed over other colors to highlight areas of a design. When printing multiple colors, Shimmer should be printed last. Shimmer should be printed without any modifications. If modification is necessary use the following reducer: 1099 Low Bleed Curable Reducer (Add 1% to 5% by weight).

Technical Data Sheet