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International Coatings 155 Crystalina Shimmer Plastisol Ink

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155 Crystalina Shimmer is a press ready plastisol ink used for creating special sparkling effects on garments.


155 Crystalina Shimmer is a translucent, iridescent glitter flake in a very clear base.

155 Crystalina Shimmer is bleed resistant and can be used on some synthetic fabrics or blends.


155 Crystalina Shimmer can be printed onto a garment as is, or printed over other colors to highlight areas of a design. When printing multiple colors, Shimmer should be printed last. Shimmer should be printed without any modifications. If modification is necessary use the following reducer: 1099 Low Bleed Curable Reducer (Add 1% to 5% by weight).

Technical Data Sheet

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