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Chromaline ChromaTech WR Photopolymer Emulsion


ChromaTech WR is Chromaline's latest water-resistant pure photopolymer emulsion.

It features dual cure technology built into a ready-to-use universal formula, which can be used with both plastisol AND water-based inks.

ChromaTech WR is designed for textile screen printing offering superior durability to water based and discharge inks as well as the press cleaning solvents used when printing plastisol inks. Due to its high solid content, ChromaTech WR is most often applied with a 1X1 coating. Just two simple coatings reduces your drying time and consumes less product per screen (more screens per gallon). ChromaTech WR offers extremely fast exposure which in large shops translates to substantial time savings. ChromaTech WR delivers premium performance and cost savings. We recommend that you quantify these savings when comparing ChromaTech WR to other alternatives.

User Guide

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