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CCI LSR/10 Liquid Stain Remover



This product is a liquid ghost/image remover that is designed for use with a variety of inks. LSR/10® cleans mesh of cured ink stains with less noticeable odor and works better than most liquid stain removers. LSR/10® contains a proprietary mesh protector. *Before using LSR/10®, remove all ink residue and emulsion from the screen.

WET APPLICATION: Brush LSR/10® on both sides of screen, allow to dwell 1-3 minutes, then high pressure rinse starting from the bottom of the screen to the top on the print side of the screen. Repeat high pressure rinse on the reverse side. Apply a CCI degreaser and remove by a low pressure flood rinse to both sides of screen. If residue stain is present, use dry application method.

DRY APPLICATION: Brush LSR/10® on completely dry screen and allow product to dry. Reactivate LSR/10® by applying a CCI screen wash. (Contact your CCI sales representitive for proper product reccomendation). Agitate by brushing in a screen wash on both sides of screen until product is dissloved. High pressure rinse both sides of screen, starting from the bottom to the top. Apply a CCI degreaser and remove by low pressure flood rinsing both sides of screen.

    Technical Data Sheet