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CCI Drying Cabinet 25"x40"x33"

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CCI’s LED-EXP series is designed for conventional or direct-to-screen exposures. It will drastically increase production output for screen making while saving space and energy costs. The LED-EXP will also save in bulb usage and costs over metal-halide bulbs which are costly and constantly need to be replaced. Unlike metal-halide bulbs, LEDs do not require a light integrator. LEDs do not waste power and money while they sit idle like metal-halide bulbs. The LED-EXP will cut your exposure time by more than 70%. The LED-EXP’s PLC controlled touch screen gives you complete control. Presets can be used for every mesh count and coating used. Simple, easy, and affordable!

Product Overview

• Accommodates 8 Screens

• Max. screen - 25"x36"

• High / Low Temperature settings

• Fits LED-EXP Model #BC2536 & #BC3650

• 115v - 9.5 amp

• Dimensions: 25" (H)x40"(W)x33"(D)

Technical Data Sheet