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CCI CDR Concentrate Emulsion Remover


CCI CDR Concentrate Emulsion Remover

When in diluted form, CDR-Concentrate® will quickly and economically remove all types of photopolymer, diazo and capillary film on all types of mesh. 

This product is a hazardous material, an additional hazardous shipping charge per gallon will be manually added to your total. Quarts can ship without hazmat fee, but a gallon or more will have a Hazmat fee.


CDR-Concentrate® will not crystallize, coagulate or plug. Rinse jet nozzles in automatic  screen reclaiming units.

I   Remove any ink residue and flush the screen with water.

II  Dilute 1 part of CDR-Concentrate® with up to 50 parts of water. Apply product to the print side of screen. Allow sufficient time to penetrate the coating, approximately 30 seconds.

III Rinse thoroughly with high pressure water.

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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