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Rutland Specialties

Avient Specialty Inks plastisol special effect inks, modifiers and additives are designed to help printers stand out from the competition!  Encompassing industry-popular effects and additives, this portfolio offers dazzling shimmers, glitters, gels, texture effects and performance-enhancing modifiers. 

When printed and cured on a garment these inks create unique surface textures and can be used as bases alone, or in combination with other additives, such as pigment concentrates.

  • from $265.00

    Avient Infinite FX Glow-in-Dark

    Avient™ Specialty Inks INFINITE FX GLOW-IN-DARK and INTENSE KOSMIC GLOW produce a high intensity, phosphorescent, greenish glow-in-the-dark effect ...

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    from $265.00
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    from $65.00

    Avient Curable Reducer

    2915 CURABLE REDUCER is an efficient reducer and an addition of 5% by weight will lower the viscosity of most plastisol inks by 25%. Adding a curab...

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    from $65.00
  • from $65.00

    Avient Viscocity Buster

    2910 VISCOSITY BUSTER is a concentrated reducer and will stabilize and improve the flow properties of plastisol finished inks. Viscosity buster is ...

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    from $65.00
  • $223.96 $223.96

    Rutland ES0781 NPT Metallic Silver

    NPT METALLIC SILVER ES0781 NPT Silver and other NPT Metallic products are formulated as a press-ready plastisol for printing on 100% Cotton or poly...

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    $223.96 $223.96
  • $103.53 $103.53

    Rutland EG0290 NPT Gel Clear

    NPT GEL CLEAR EG0290 is formulated as a plastisol for printing on 100% Cotton fabrics. This product has excellent clarity and gloss when printing ...

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    $103.53 $103.53
  • from $148.89

    Rutland ES0266 NPT Barrier Base

    NPT BARRIER BASE ES0266 NPT Barrier Base is a high opaque, low bleed under base that has been formulated for maximum opacity and excellent bleed re...

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    from $148.89
  • $91.22 $91.22

    Rutland M00047 Foil Release Additive

    NPT FOIL RELEASE M00047 Foil Release Additive is designed to provide foil release characteristics to Rutland’s plastisol ink allowing the printer t...

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    $91.22 $91.22
  • $112.18 $112.18

    Rutland EA0005 NPT Viscosity Reducer

    EA0005 NPT Viscosity Reducer is used to thin plastisol inks. Use 1.0% to 3.0% by weight to reduce the viscosity of thick ink. This product will not...

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    $112.18 $112.18
  • $295.76 $295.76

    Rutland EA0055 NPT Puff Additive

    EA0055 is a puff concentrate. Use at up to 15% by weight to make a puff ink from any NPT opaque plastisol color. Mix thoroughly. EA0055 may also be...

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    $295.76 $295.76
  • $125.01 $125.01

    Rutland EG0280 NPT Super Gel

    NPT SUPER GEL CLEAR EG0280 NPT Super Gel is formulated as a plastisol for printing on 100% Cotton fabrics or over a low bleed underlay on poly/cot...

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    $125.01 $125.01