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Rutland EL9073 NPT SF-2 White

SKU RU-EL9073-5G

SF2 LB (Street Fighter) White – Rutland SF2 LB (Street Fighter) White is a trusted all-around low bleed white ink designed to be used in a variety of settings. It has a great value-to-performance ratio, ideal for the vast majority of printing. This white actually presents many of the characteristics of the Rutland Premier LB White, but in ink form that has a different body, without compromising hand, and may provide enhanced performance for certain 50/50 Cotton fabrics. It has excellent opacity and very good mat down, offers fast flash with minimal after-flash tack and is well-suited for use as an under base or stand-alone white.

    • High performance white for polyester/cotton blends.
    • Creamy, short body plastisol for easy printing.
    • Low tack formula for fast shear action.
    • User friendly, no viscosity modifiers necessary.
    • Formulated with Rutland's NPT technology to be Non-Phthalate.
    • Great opacity with quick flash.
    • Low hot tack does not need a cool down station.
    • Great value in this low bleed white.

    Technical Data Sheet