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DOUTHITT Computer-to-Screen


Optimize image quality without compromising on throughput and consumable cost.

Print head technology with smaller drop size and solid ink technology enables imaging halftone frequencies up to 75 dpi. Sophisticated interlacing patterns assure smooth halftones and color transitions for the most demanding applications.

The Douthitt CTS eliminates films and becomes an integral part of the digital workflow.

  • Imaging Technology: solid ink, phase-change inkjet
  • LPI Halftone capability: 75/110 lpi
  • Resolution (dpi): 600 - 1000 dpi
  • Network: Ethernet (standard ) or custom
  • Ink Type,: Water dispersible photo resist
  • Screen to screen registration: Approx. 3.5 m2/h @1000dpi  - Approx. 10 m2.h @ 600dpi