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Fabric Degreaser

  • $33.33

    Chromaline Chroma / Clean

    ChromaClean is for use with all emulsions and films. This degreaser removes oily residues which interfere with adhesion to the mesh. Degreasing wit...

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  • from $19.45

    CCI Pink Dehazer / Degreaser

    "The Pink Stuff" is a viscous ghost/image stain remover and degreaser that is designed for all ink systems. This product removes stains with less n...

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    from $19.45
  • $40.60

    Tru Blue Dehazer / Degreaser - Gallon

    This product is a vicious dehazer and degreaser tha is designed for a variety of inks. TRU DEHAZER cleans mesh of stains with less noticeable odor ...

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  • from $25.00

    CCI EnviroClean Degreaser

    ENVIROCLEAN® is a natural citrus-based degreaser for use with new or used fabric. ENVIROCLEAN® will clean the fabric and remove all oils and residu...

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    from $25.00