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Setting the Tension on your ZSK Embroidery Machine

Setting the Tension on your ZSK Embroidery Machine

Embroidery sometimes can be frustrating, due to thread breaks, looping, puckering, or nesting of thread at the back of the design.

The frustrations are often (not always) caused by improper thread tension. When embroidering you form a stitch when the needle carrying the thread passes down thru the needle hole into the needle plate then connects with the lower bobbin thread. A loop is formed directly behind the eye of the needle when the needle returns back up. If the tension is set correctly your thread will tighten as it comes back up. If one of the two are too tight you’ll end up with a thread break. If the tension is too loose you’ll see looping of the design or nesting of thread underneath.

By learning the process of measuring the tension you will save yourself a lot of time and raise the quality of your finished products. The bobbin case tension gauge measure the tension of the bobbin case and of the top thread of the machine. It will help you determine what some of the problems you may have been experiencing due to incorrect tension. It is quick and easy to use and will eliminate unsightly bobbin thread showing in your design, prevent looping top stitches, or thread breaks.
We encourage you, get yourself bobbin case tension gauge and check the tension, don’t go on feel. By taking out human error you will end up with much more consistent work.
If you have any other questions just let us know - mailto: or Tony Bragg SPSI / ZSK Account Rep.
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