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Currently SPSI phone & email system is down - All orders should be placed on the website- please send any urgent needs to
Currently SPSI phone & email system is down - please send any urgent needs to

Velox User Group - Level 1 Training

SPSI Corp. Office  - Maple Grove, MN

November 8 & 9, 2023

SPSI recommends all VELOX DTF USERS attend this unique and FREE opportunity to get the most out of your VELOX DTF printing. This is a high-level, in-depth, hands-on forum that you can not afford to miss. SPSI's Digital staff & technicians will walk through virtually every aspect of printing on the VELOX.  

This forum is for people who already have a VELOX -  If you want a demo on the VELOX go to the VELOX Page

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

  • 8:30am Coffee & Donuts
  • 9:00am  Introductions and Overview of the Forum and User Group.
  • 9:30am Preventative Maintenance Procedures
    We will go over the daily, weekly and monthly maintenance procedures and why they are imperative to the success of your Velox.  This will be hands on experience so everyone feels comfortable with all the procedures.  
  • 11:00am Printhead registration procedure
    Running regular registration test can ensure you will have perfect registration between your CMYK and White. This will also help you ensure proper dot placement which affects your color gamut. This is a step by step process not for the beginner. It requires a USB powered loupe and proper understanding of the software. This is something that has affected every Velox owner. It is a process that has to happen more frequently under higher production environments. We encourage customers to join in to help increase your comfort level with this process.
  • 12:30pm  Lunch
  • 1:30pm Printhead registration -  Continued
  • 2:30pm Open Forum Discussion

Thursday, November 9, 2023

  • 8:30am Coffee & Breakfast pastries
  • 9:00am Wasatch operator overview
    Understanding how the Rip software works is important for controlling your end print results. We will cover the stock profiles that SPSI provides. This includes; profile understanding and adjustment, adjusting your white layer %, choke settings, Hot Folder mapping and smart nesting features. 
  • 11:00am Print technique
    Understanding how to manipulate the Velox for different types of artwork and garment applications. We will cover heat settings; print settings, operator technique, powder curing, glycol spotting and proper start up / shut down procedures. Bring your art that you are having issues with. We will print it as a group and help you dial in the perfect print.
  • 12:30pm Lunch
  • 1:30pm Heat Press Application
    Once you have your transfers printed the next step in the process is the heat press. We will cover different heat press options, proper pressing technique (heat, time, pressure) The main topic to cover here is how to cold peel vs. hot peel without any ink lifting with the film. We also want to cover any glycol spotting issues in this step. If you have any difficult garments please bring them with you so we can help you.