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ZSK Racer 2 - 18 Needle (2,4,6, or 8 Head)

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ZSK's RACER 2 set a new standard for tubular embroidery machines in the industry. The multi-head (available in  2, 4, 6, or 8 heads) embroidery machines are extremely precise and operations of this series provides great flexibilty with proven durability.

Featuring the thinnest tubular arm of any embroidery machine in the industry.  This provides you the ability to embroider jobs that other machines can not accomplish, e.g. shirt pockets or shoes. Zsk Racer embroiders without "picker" on the front. How does this help you? -  textiles can no longer get caught in the hook and remain undamaged. The ZSK machines are the most reliable and durable machines built, invest your money in a machine that will run 24 / 7!

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