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Rutland M39256 NPT White

SKU RU-M39256-G

M3 Ink Mixing System is a non-phthalate finished ink mixing system. M3 colors directly replace the M2 and EM ink mixing colors. They are opaque resulting in excellent coverage on dark garments. The tackfree formula allows printing through a range of mesh counts without the need for a viscosity modifier. Use a white underlay when printing on dark fabrics for that extra "pop" in brightness. No buildup formulations ensure the highest print efficiencies without down time for wiping screens.Mix thousands of finished ink colors by choosing Pantone colors from our M2007 Ink Mixing Software or by custom mixing your own colorsNPT Low Bleed White underlay for printing on polyester/cotton blends.NPT Cotton White underlay for printing on 100% cotton.Claira NPT Barrier Base (Dyno Grey) available for printing on 100% polyester.

Technical Data Sheet