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Rutland EH9020 Silky Cotton White


Silky Cotton – Rutland Silky Cotton white is a premium cotton white ink. It has a superb hand, excellent fiber mat down and great printability. This ink can be printed through very high mesh counts, which makes this an ideal cotton white for high detail, fine line printing. It is a brighter cotton white, so it can also perform as an under base or stand-alone white ink.


  • Short body and very low wet tack for easy printing with no build-up.
  • Ready for use, just stir and print.
  • Great for hand presses or automatic printing machines.
  • Easy to use, maintains print viscosity without thinning during print run.
  • Non-Phthalate formulation to comply with new regulations restricting phthalates.
  • Formulated to be opaque for direct printing on lights or darks.
  • Competitive with lower opacity products currently sold in the print market.

Technical Data Sheet