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Rutland C33033 NPT Fluorescent Green

SKU RU-C33033-G

Claira™ C3 Non-Phthalate Color Booster mixing system is a single pigmented color system with built in binders. No need to worry about pigment overload with these concentrates. They may be used at up to 50% in Rutland’s NPT bases to mix non-phthalate printing inks. C3 Color Boosters directly replace both the EB and CB products.Concentrated single pigment primary colorsNon-phthalate for mixing environmentally safe plastisol inksLow crock and matte finish when mixed in NPT HO Matte BaseUse Rutland’s NPT VO Base for maximum opacity.


Claira Colors™, bases, modifiers and additives should be mixed in clean vessels using clean mixer blades and utensils. Any contamination from other ink sources or non-approved additives could make Claira Colors™ test positive for the restricted phthalates. Do not dry clean, bleach, or iron the printed image. Note to 100% Cotton users: With low bleed ink, 100% cotton could produce a ghost image. Claira NPT Low Bleed White is a low-bleed ink and should be tested for ghosting before printing on 100% cotton. Claira NPT Low Bleed White is not recommended for 100% polyester. Use Claira NPT Barrier under base for 100% polyester.

Technical Data Sheet