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Medium Grain Transfer Powder - 11L


303 Medium Grain Polyester Powder is a polyester based hot melt powder adhesives used to improve the adhesion of plastisol based heat transfers.


After printing the wet ink on transfer paper the powder adhesive can be applied by several methods:

  • Sprinkle powder adhesive on wet ink using a salt type shaker.
  • Fill a square container (box) with the powder adhesive, at least 1/4” to 1/2" deep, and pass the printed and wet transfer (print side up) through the container of powder adhesive. The powder adhesive will adhere to the wet ink.
  • Use a special mechanical powder adhesive coater. When applying the powder adhesive by hand, remove excess powder adhesive from unprinted areas of the transfer sheet before running through the dryer by shaking or by slightly thumping/beating the transfer paper from the non-printed side of the transfer paper with fingers. Run the transfer paper with the powder adhesive applied to the wet ink through the dryer.

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