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Hix Heat Press Equipment Stand

SKU HI-6005050

The HIX Universal Heat Press Stand fits most HIX transfer machines, either in its standard setup or with the addition of adapter brackets for certain equipment. As such, the Universal Stand can hold different HIX machines, as needed.
– In its standard configuration, the Universal Stand fits the HT400/600 and S450/650 models.
– With optional adapter brackets, the Stand can be made to fit the SwingMan 20/25 and N-680/880 models.
– A special adapter kit is also available to expand the Stand that holds an N-680/880 machine equipped with EZ Glide Shuttle Attachment Aside from freeing workspace by placing the transfer machine on a dedicated stand, the Universal Stand also comes with two work shelves for shirts, transfers etc. The special adapter kit for machines equipped with the EZ Glide Shuttle attachment come with a third shelve. The Stand’s design is made to be robust and stable when working on the press. Casters easily lock to provide stability. Even with the SwingMan models, the stand remains remarkable stable, even with the upper platens in extended “away”-position. With an EZ Glide Shuttle attached to an automatic machine (N-680 or N-880), and the special adapter kit installed, the Stand remains stable when working on either side of the Shuttle