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HIX Premier 3616 Dryer

SKU HI-70270


If high production and cost efficiency are driving forces in meeting your drying needs, HIX Premier HG Gas dryers are the solution. Each dryer is configured with an efficient gas burner which works in conjunction with up to 90% recycled air to maintain a consistent oven temperature while consuming less energy.

Key Features


The sleek low profile design and side mount

control panel, includes an analog variable belt speed controller, thermostatically controlled oven temperature, digital heat controller, and a variable air speed controller to adjust air flow volume within the oven chamber.

The interior walls of the oven are fabricated from corrosion resistant galvanized steel to resist attack from moisture, volatiles, and corrosives released from substrates and inks.

Newly designed with the bottom mounted exhaust system and front mounted control box allows the top of the dryer to be removed for easy access to the heater panels and for interior oven cleaning.

Variable speed air recirculation allows for up to 97% recycled air. The precise control system of analog belt speed and digital temperature controls give you the ability to choose the correct combinations for differing products.

Specifications Sheet

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