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HIX Spectrum LED Exposure Unit

SKU HI-70402

There are many advantages of using an LED exposure unit compared to the traditional fluorescent tube or the expensive metal halide exposure units. First would be the cost, which is a lot less than a metal halide bulb, and the resolution you will get with the LED compared to the fluorescent tube isn't even close. You will get much better imaging with the LED plus your exposure time will be significantly less.

Leg kit is not included in price, additional cost.

  • 120V vacuum pump - additional $100 for 220V
  • Screen capacity: 23” X 31”
  • LCD color / Touch display
  • Single source long-life LED array
  • Automatic vacuum pull-down
  • Automatic vacuum release end of the cycle
  • Auto-reset timer, cycle stat
  • Broad-spectrum LED array cures an expansive list of emulsions
  • Fast exposure - as quick as 8 - 12 seconds
  • Tabletop design
  • Optional leg kit - $295 for leg kit
  • Durable deep draw rubber blanket
  • No warm-up time