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HIX Convertible 4 Color / 2 Station


HIX Convertible Bench Printers can be placed on a bench top, table, or mobile cart system. They have a totally tool-free design with on/off contact and inclination adjustments built right in.


The Convertible Printer features side clamps, back side clamps to create a much stronger platform by holding the screen away from the back. 
Inclination adjustment allows simple and fast adjustments of the screen to align parallel with printing surface. The Squeegee Stop secures base to rest unused squeegee between prints. Gas springs allow for controlled and expedited lifting of all screens form the print surface. 

The Premier Series Printers are upgradable as your grows. The Convertible printer can be upgraded to our Floor Model, Rally Printer.

Specifications Sheet

This item is not in-stock for pick up and will ship from manufacturer