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HIX SwingMan 25 Twin Transfer Machine

SKU HI-10086

The SwingMan 25 Twin does twice the work with half the space as a regular
swing-away press. One operator can press a job and set another in place. This helps to minimize downtime and keep up with demand, all with one heat press. This is especially true for ceramic tile decorating using inkjet sublimation.


The HIX SwingMan 25 Twin heat transfer machine is our answer to the burgeoning sublimation and specialty transfer industry. This heavy-duty
swing-away press features the innovative dual lower platen system that is interchangeable with smaller or custom lower platen systems.
Easy integrated touch-screen controller including a digital timer reading in minutes and seconds, digital temperature settings that range up to 450º F, and full-range repeatable pressure adjustments for items up to 1-3/4” thick.
The SwingMan 25 Twin series design was built for increased production – lay out one substrate while the press is applying your graphics on the other platen. Dual self-leveling lower platens remain stationary while the heat element swivels between the two, eliminating the risk of transfer or substrate movement that’s associated with some shuttle systems.

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