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ZSK Sprint 7 L Single Head Embroidery Machine

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The ZSK Sprint 7L and 7XL Series combine the robustness of the Sprint 7 with the latest in drive technology and design. ZSK evolved the Sprint 7 to include the L and XL models for more flexibility and versatility in the embroidery market. Like other compact embroidery equipment in the Sprint line, the 7L and 7XL can stitch in in tubular, cap, and flat (border frame) modes. The most notable differences are the larger sewing fields and the frame build, which accommodates the suspended pantograph.

The Sprint 7L and 7XL pantographs attach to the top of the frame rather than the bottom, with the drive systems installed on the body’s upper side. With this suspended pantograph drive, there is additional open space around the machine to accommodate bulky and unconventional products such as suitcases, quilts & blankets, costumes, and other unique items.

All Sprint 7 Series models are equipped with 18 needles and are approximately 7.5% more efficient than a Sprint 6. The increased efficiency stems from the faster speeds for longer stitch lengths, which means higher output throughout the day. With 18 needles, the Sprint 7 Series is more productive by reducing changeover time, equipping the machine with more spots for standard thread colors, or assigning certain needle positions for specialty operation.

The Sprint 7XL offers extended border frame capability for larger embroidery fields – up to approximately 55″ wide x 15.75″ deep, whereas the Sprint 7L’s largest field size is around 23.5″ wide x 15.75″ deep.

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