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Ioline 301 Software

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Drives the Ioline cutter   
With CorelDraw designs
 With major embroidery systems designs including Tajima.dst, Melco.exp. Toyota.toy, and Barudan.dat formats.
Nests and cuts multiple copies of pattern outlines, minimizing material waste

Creates Sew Disks from CorelDRAW design files:
Includes placement, tackdown,  zig-zag & satin stitches
Choice of stitch width, density & overlap
Drives major embroidery machines

Edits Stitches
 Move, convert jump to trim, add or  delete lock stitches
 Change thread color

Typically ships directly from the manufacturer and is not in-stock at SPSI.

To check availability of in-stock equipment call our Sales Department at 800-876-7774 or email us