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ChromaCoat 20 Single Screen Auto Coater

SKU Chromaline-chromacoat-20


Manually coating screens is strenuous, exhausting and often inconsistent. The ChromaCoat 20 Single Screen Auto Coating Machine allows your growing shop to eliminate a key variable in the printing process without breaking the bank. Consistent screen coating allows for consistent stencil thickness, consistent exposure times and ultimately, consistent print results.

Standard single phase 120V + compressed air

Self Install

This automatic single screen coater will transform the way you make screens. You will get a consistent screen every time you apply emulsion. Providing you with consistent EOM which in turn means your print quality will be more consistent. This coater will enable you to save money and time since now you will have fewer problems in the screen room, less mistakes because your exposure time will become more consistent. If you are a medium to high production screen printing shop, you need the ChromaCoat 20!