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Currently our phones are down at our West Chester, OH office / Arlington Office closed due to weather - please call 800-876-7774
Currently our phones are down at our West Chester, OH office / Arlington Office closed due to weather - please call 800-876-7774

Impressions Expo Long Beach 2023 - Booth #2349

MHM Synchroprint 5000

 SPSI and MHM Screen Printing look forward to showing you all the great features of the MHM Synchroprint 5000. The advanced technologies and pin registration system allow shops to set up multiple color jobs in under 5 minutes. 

Danny Gruninger, Daybird Printing and Tony Palmer, Palmprint will be demonstrating not only how easy the machine is to use, but how easy it is to do job change overs. Stop by our Booth # 2349 to see the best press in the industry in operation.

Chiossi e Cavazzuti Dual 1200 Dryer

 SPSI and Chiossi e Cavazzuti representatives will be on hand to demonstrate how the Dual 1200 with return belt provides  the user flexibility in curing both digital and screen printing inks. Chiossi e Cavazzuti an Italian company designs dryers that feature high-volume forced air flow enabling drying of digitally printed in as well as traditional screen printing inks.

The Dual 1200 in our booth will be an all electric conveyor belt dryer. This dryer will be on sale and is available for pre-purchase to receive show discount.

Danny Gruninger, DayBird Printing   -  Denver, CO

Danny Gruninger, CEO Daybird Printing has built one of screen printing's most respected brands and is an Open Shop and an MHM advocate. "After using the MHM presses, it's obvious why they are known as the best machines in the world. The SP5000 is the smoothest running press I've ever printed on and utilizes the best registration system in the game," explains Danny.

Tony Palmer, PalmPrint Consulting   

Tony Palmer has more than 30 years experience in garment decoration ranging from manual screen printing on hand carousels to the operation of multi-color automatic presses.  Specifically Tony is an expert on MHM Automatics, Tesoma, Exile Spyder, Douthitt CTS, Zentner, and numerous manufacturers of textile decorating equipment. He has helped shops all over the world elevate their 3 P's (processes, production, and profit)


VELOX Direct-to-film System

The VELOX DTF System brings the high-resolution printing that you are looking for without the "plastic" feeling that you'll find with the economy models. This machine has been tested in some of the biggest textile decorating shops in the country. 

Scott Hopper, Velox Project Manager and SPSI Digital Technicians will be on-hand to walk you through the complete system that provides a better DTF system available in the industry.

learn more about VELOX

BOOTH # 2249 - ZSK Embroidery

ZSK Embroidery

ZSK Embroidery is partnering with their distributors through-out the US and will have a full array of machines in their booth. SPSI will be bringing the ZSK classic, Sprint 7, and the Racer 4W - 4 head. Our embroidery staff Tony Bragg & Ryan Olinyk will be there to walk you through all the features of ZSK embroidery machines.

learn more about ZSK


The Sprint 7 is a 18-needle single head class 4 style (bridge style) embroidery machine. This machine can adapt specialty devices (such as sequins or cording) without changing any electronic board components or altering any electrical component. Not only does this equipment provide embroidery decoration, but also allows for a wide range of embellishment options. 

  • Embroidery Field Width Maximum: 18.11" (460mm)
  • Embroidery Field Depth Maximum: 12.2" (310mm)
  • Border Frame Maximum: 18.11"x12.2" (460x310mm)
  • Cap 360 Maximum width x depth: 14.17" x 2.76" (360 x 70 mm)
  • Tubular Frame Maximum width x depth: 15.75"x 11.8"(400x300mm)
  • Power Supply [V]: 230 (ask SPSI about convertor)


RACER offers embroidery machines with 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 and - now available - 12 embroidery heads. Each embroidery head has 12 needles. 

  • At the Long Beach Show we will have a Racer 4W - 4 head
  • Each embroidery head has 12 needles. Model combinations with 400mm (15,7") or 495mm (19,5") head spacing and 500mm (19,7") or 700mm (27,5") embroidery field depth are possible.
  • The models RACER 8 and RACER 12 are only available with 400mm (15,7") head spacing and 500mm (19,7") embroidery field depth.
  • Power Supply [V]: 230 (ask SPSI about convertor)

Chiossi e Cavazzuti Speedy T Automatic Folder

Automation is the name of the game in today's garment decorating industry, the Speedy T is a perfect solution for folding garments.  This Italian designed and manufactured machine provides 100s of shops reliable and consistent folded garments. 
Located in Booth 2349

Hotronix Dual Air Fusion

This unit is perfect for high-production shops working on transfers. Prep one-side on the pallet while the other side is getting pressed. control by foot pedal or on the control panel, either way the operator will be pressing at great speed.  
Located in Booth 2341